Do you enjoy architecture?

Well then Palm Springs is the perfect place for your next getaway.

Palm Springs is home to renowned Mid-century modern architecture.

Known as Desert Modernism, this unique aspect of Palm Springs can be found in a variety of buildings all over the area.

From hotels and schools to homes and commercial buildings.

Desert Modernism is so famous and unique to Palm Springs that there is an entire event dedicated to it.

This popular event is Modernism Week.

This annual event will take place February 14-24, 2019 and is a ten-day event that includes house tours, bus tours, interior design tours, films, lectures, several parties, and multiple special events.

Prior to the big event, there will be a Modernism Week Fall Preview Oct. 18-21, 2018.

This four-day event will highlight the unique mid-century architecture and design in Palm Springs and will include previews and samplings of all the events and happenings that will be offered during the main event.

There are also opportunities forĀ  guided tours year-round to get an inside look into the architecture and design.

The Modern Tour is a luxury tour with author Michael Stern where you can choose from a variety of tours that include private residential interiors.

You can also create your own architecture adventure with scooter or bike rentals!

Rent a scooter from Scoot Palm Springs or a bike from BIKE Palm Springs and enjoy a leisurely, fun way to see the city and architecture.

Palm Mountain Resort & Spa is located in the heart of downtown Palm Springs and is the perfect home base for your architecture adventure.

We offer a variety of specials and packages that can be viewed here.

Come experience the unique Desert Modernism of Palm Springs!